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If you’re someone who enjoys living vicariously through other people’s beautifully-crafted (and completely unrealistic) Instagram accounts (and who doesn’t?), then you may have come across dipping powder. If not, search for nail tutorials and you’ll quickly see what we’re talking about.

Dipping powder looks kind of like magic. All you have to do is to dip your hand in – as the name would suggest – and you’re left with an even coat of paint.

But while this might seem like the holy grail of nailcare, the reality is that it’s completely different from nail polish and should not be treated the same way. In this post, we’ll take a look at what dipping powder is, how it works, and whether it’s a good option.

How it Works

The magic part of dipping powder is explained by the first step: applying a base coat. What this does is that it allows the dipping powder to grip to your finger nails, without getting all over your fingertips. This is significantly easier and quicker than painting and results in a much more even coat. If you’re someone who stays away from bold colors because they always look uneven, then using dipping powder might just be the answer to your prayers.

But that’s not all: the other benefit of dipping powder is that it allows you to dip your hand in as many times in order to add as many coats as you like. This transforms the rough, powdery layers into a smooth, glossy and highly resilient finish once you add a sealant on top.

This might strike you as somewhat similar to using gel manicures. Except that there’s an advantage here as well: unlike gel manicures, there is no need to use UV lamps, which are known to be potentially damaging. What’s more, is that unlike a gel manicure, it dries instantly. So that means no more getting your partner to carry your bags (although they don’t need to know).

The technique has been marketed as safe, natural and organic – and that truly does reflect the reality of the process.

Colors and Getting Started

In terms of the colors you can pick from, the sky is the limit. In fact, this technique actually provides a greater range of different colors and particularly of the brighter shades as compared with acrylic nails and gels. That’s because it uses very fine grains, which in turn allows the creation of more vibrant colors. dip powders are bonded with the use of a glue called cyanoacrylate, which is the ingredient found in crazy glue!

To get started, you can take a trip to your manicurist or Google a local salon that will offer the procedure. But actually, you can also get started yourself by investing in products that will let you use the procedure at home. Kiara Sky powder is one such option and another is OPI powder perfection. Read some reviews, find the product for you and then make sure to follow the instructions carefully.


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