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Dipping powders are very trendy right now and are popping up all over Instagram. They’re not actually completely new but are enjoying a rather big comeback, which is driven simply by the fact that they do such a good job!

The finish lasts for two weeks or more, the process of adding the nails is easy and quick, and there is no need to involve damaging UV rays. What’s not to like?

OPI Powder Perfection offers a wide range of different colors and is generally a well-respected name in the industry. So, let’s take a closer look at the powders and see if they’re a good pick for you!

How it Works

Like other dipping powders, using OPI Powder Perfection is a simple process but does involve a few different steps.

Firstly, users need to apply a base layer. This will work as an adhesive and it will ensure that the powder sticks to the nails once they’re dipped. Once that’s applied (and you’ve taken care to apply it evenly around the edges), you can then start dipping your fingers. The first time you do this, you might be upset at the grainy and rough appearance. Don’t despair though: this is normal and it’s only once you’ve added a few coats that it will start to take on that smooth finish.

The good news too is that you can use as many different coats as you like, to go for a more solid, long-lasting and vibrant look if you so wish.

After that’s done, you simply file down the nails, let them dry and then wash the excess powder from your finger tips. Apply the included sealant and you’ll be ready to go!

Our Thoughts

These dipping powders are made from polyethyl methacrylate and polymer powders, rather than the acrylate copolymers that are used in acrylic polishes. This is true of all dipping powders and while the look is very similar, it is slightly different – so keep that in mind.

OPI gains extra points though by using a resin for its base coat and an activator to cure it. This helps the powder to adhere and the whole thing works very well.

As a result of good science then, all the powders stick and layer up just as they should. The end result is very pleasing to the eye and when we tried it, we managed to get our nails looking glossy and smooth.

The best part is that they last for a long time – over two weeks in our experience!

In terms of color, you will get 29 different shades to choose from in the Powder Perfect Collection. This includes pretty much all the shades that you would expect including bold reds (Big Apple Red) and more natural looking hues (Creamy Nude). Other popular shades include Bubble Bath, Russian Navy and Do You Lilac It.

Overall, this is a great brand of dipping powders and anyone looking to mix up their beauty regime, or to offer a little extra at their salon, should consider trying it out.


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