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Are you obsessed with beauty trends...like I am? Then you'll be excited to know my #1 secret: I always buy my nail polish online.

Yes, there are big box stores, drug stores and grocery stores all around that carry nail polish. But there are reasons why I'm clicking my mouse, instead of my kitten heels, pushing a shopping cart down an aisle to get my beauty needs.

Still unsure? Listen to these 7 of mine, and see what you think!

You can shop in your p.j.'s! Really, no one is going to mind when you're shopping online what you're wearing. If I show up to a department store in my bunny slippers, well, then I bet I'll get some really funny looks! Not only can I wear whatever I please, but I can also shop whenever I want. So if I want to buy fantastic nail polish just before leaving for work one morning, in a few mouse clicks - I've done it. Or if I want to do it when the kids are sleeping, that's easy to do too.

I'm guaranteed to find the latest colors & shades. Now, this is one of my favorite, favorite reasons to shop online. Did you know that your local stores often don't have the brand new colors...the ones you see in all of the fashion magazines & beauty bloggers/vloggers? Well, if you shop online, you can get that exact stunning shade of Midnight Blue or Peach, whatever you desire.

Be a trendsetter, wherever you are. Let's face it, in some parts of the USA there are big cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City and Miami. They are going to have many more department stores, beauty salons and specialty boutiques that have the latest and greatest nail polishes you are seeking. Why should you be disappointed, if you live in a much smaller town? With the power of the Internet behind you, it is easy to find that special nail polish you saw at that beauty blog or the fashion show on TV. You can be the style trendsetter you've always wanted to be!

It’s easy to see the full line of nail polishes from your favorite brands. Why, I bet this is something that you don't know. A lot of stores pick & choose which nail polish colors from collections that they want to carry. Remember: brick & mortar stores that you shop in person, are quite limited a lot of times when it comes to space. So they can't offer you the huge variety you'll find at online beauty sites. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that excites me more than viewing an entire line from a season of a brand's latest nail polishes, you've got to try it!

You'll always have more choices, in whatever you are looking for. Let's say you have a party to go to. You're looking for a nail polish to compliment a lime green dress, but you don't want lime green nail polish (that would be too bright & match-y to your outfit!). Well, if you shop online for your nail polish, you'll simply be astounded to discover dozens - if not hundreds - of nail polishes to choose from. But if you go to your local store or mall, you might have only a couple that match your specific needs.

You can shop by specific characteristics you want in your polishes. Some beauty fans only wear organic nail polish. Others have chemical sensitivities, so they want to be certain that some types of ingredients are not in a polish they pick out. This option is something you will find so much easier when shopping online for 2 reasons: 1) the ingredients of the nail polish are always listed right next to each product ready for purchase, and 2) if you are in a brick & mortar site, they are going to look at you really funny if you spend 30 minutes there reading tiny nail polish labels before you buy one! Simply no contest there!

Bonus reason: you can "shop around" and look at so many different types of nail polish, before you commit to one. This is one of my favorite reasons to shop online. Because when you shop online, it is far easier to view 10 or 20 nail polishes quickly, as opposed to shopping in person. You can use search features at a site to find brands or colors or shades to be more specific in your search to. So what are you waiting for? Let's go shopping online!


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