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Let's face it: most of us are counting the days 'til spring arrives. It's not just the pretty blooms and the singing birds outside, but also the fashion and spring bright & pretty loveliness that goes with it. Including these latest spring 2018 nail trends!

If you DIY your nails, that's perfectly fine with us. But you may want to invest in a professional manicure or mani-pedi, right at the start of the season, to make your nails entirely buffed, polished and trimmed in every way. Just think of it as spring cleaning for the "perfect 10" for your fingers and toes.

This season's nail colors are both fun & bright. So you can expect everyone and anyone in your daily life to notice your nails. There are colors that will please you if you adore the classic colors. But if you go for more modern & contemporary hues, you'll find shades and colors you like as well. So there's something this spring to make everyone smile. What could be better than that?

When it comes to spring 2018: think iridescent! Yes, that delightful, shimmery-ness that makes any color you select "pop" just a bit more. What's great about this type of nail lacquer is that your rings & other jewelry sparkle along with your fingers and toes. Iridescent nail polish is ideal to compliment shimmery makeup, whether daytime or night.

The most popular colors this season for those who love the classics are: pinks, plums & soft neutrals. Spring 2018 adds that iridescent shimmer, to most new shades and polishes you see - whether they are the pricey bottles of nail polish or those you'd find in the local drugstore. But if you prefer the creamy, matte style of polish, have no fear! We advise you to follow the trends by noticing what colors and shades are "in" this season.

If you go for more modern & contemporary nail polish looks, then you'll be excited to see that both blue & purple are frontrunners this season. Revlon has a spring 2018 collection "Holochrome Nail Enamel Collection" with several simply astonishing shades of lovely blue to purple or purple or blue - which remind of quite a bit of the mermaid hair that recently was all the rave. Check out Revlon's metallic shades too for spring, perfect if you get a bit of a tan or a glow in warmer months.

Venus Williams made blue nail polish quite famous on the sports circuit, when she wore it with her stylish outfits to play & win tennis matches. Both sisters Venus and Serena Williams were quite well-known for having fabulous manicures to admire. One of their favorite shades to wear is a bright, electric blue on their long, perfect nails.

It’s clear to see that the spring 2018 nail color trends are ideal for so many fashion styles. Whether you are going out for a night on the town, or to work or school or simply about your day to day life. With these lovely, iridescent shades, all ladies will hear “Wow! Your nails look terrific!”


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