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The 1950's romantic comedy Grease originally came out in the USA in 1978, starring Olivia Newton John and John Travolta. If you are a "Grease" fan, then we bet you love the songs you simply can't get out of your head, the terrific dance scenes and of course - the romance between good girl Sandra Dee (Olivia) and bad boy Danny (John). Will they keep that spark alive, now that summer is over and school has begun?

Well, Grease fans, get ready to be excited. Because OPI is launching a Grease collection of 12 nail polish shades. The OPI Grease collection shades are about $6 at your favorite store near you or on the web. Turner Classic Movies is bringing Grease to a movie theater near you, just as you remember it. So why not do your nails, put on your bobby sox and get ready to sing along to some of those terrific songs?

Here are the 12 shades. We think the names of the polishes in this collection are just as catchy as lots of the Grease songs we've come to know and love!

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milkshakes

Meet A Boy Cute As Can Be

Summer Lovin' Having A Blast!

Was It All Just A Dream?

Teal Me More, Teal Me More

Chills Are Multiplying!

Frenchie Likes To Kiss?

Pink Ladies Rule The School

Hopelessly Devoted To OPI

You're The Shade That I Want

Tell Me About It Stud

Danny & Sandy 4 Ever!

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milkshakes - this is a soft, "vanilla" creamy color.

Meet a Boy Cute as Can Be - this polish is a light, cool yellow.

Pink Ladies Rule the School - we love this fun color! Get this one if you are looking for a bright pink for your summer beauty wardrobe.

Frenchie Likes to Kiss? - Now this color is perfect, because if you've seen the movie, you'll remember this lavender color is actually one of Frenchie's favorites!

Summer Lovin' Having a Blast - wow! It’s a vivid orange, perfect for a happy summer.

You're the Shade That I Want - this is actually my personal favorite, its a bright and deep raspberry color, reminds you of a sweet popsicle color.

Was It All Just a Dream? - You’ll love this color! It’s a robin's egg blue, nearly turquoise in color.

Hopelessly Devoted to OPI - this is just as sweet as the Hopelessly Devoted to You song that Sandy sings about Danny. It’s a soft, warm pink color.

Tell Me About it Stud - this is a classic, warm red nail polish, perfect for summer.

Teal Me More, Teal Me More - Love this bright teal nail color.

Danny & Sandy 4 Ever! - Take a look at this great, sparkly dark charcoal polish.

Chills Are Multiplying - What a great, deep cobalt blue with just a touch of shimmer.

Leather-like Nail Effect

Rydell Forever - this is one of the polishes with a leather finish, it’s a bold white color.

Electrifyin' Pink - this is a bright hot pink color that has a leather finish.

Grease is the Word - this is sparkly black polish with a leather finish.

So get ready for some summer fun, put the convertible top down and do your mani & pedi with these great colors. We know it is hard to pick just one, fortunately with 12 of them, you can easily try 1 each week of summer if you wish! Here’s to a summer with beautiful nails and lots of fun!


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