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Are you going to attend a big bash and want to look at your ravishing best? Do you feel that you need a very good manicure to make a stylish fashion statement at an event? Well, whatever the event is, women love to attend events and parties geared for the occasion. They give due importance to making them look stylish and by being stylish, I mean that they will be looking to be fashionable and trendy from head to toe. Women concentrate a lot on the dress, footwear, hair accessories, makeup, etc. They also want to use the right polish on their fingernails to match their style and the event. If you too want to prepare your nails and get it polished to look stunning for a party, then you can follow the guidelines that are mentioned in this article.

Proper nail preparation

Women often miss the bus when it comes to proper nail reparation for nail polish application. If you are using the gel polish adhesion, then you need to be very careful with the nail preparation. It may look a very simple and easy task. But, there are a lot of things needed to get the perfect gel polish application and if you do not do it the right way, then there are chances for it to lift or not cover the nails properly. The nails should be dehydrated, dry and free of debris, oil, water, and skin in order to get the perfect gel polish application on them.

Never water the nails

If you are looking to apply gel polish on the nails, then you should make sure that the nails are dry as possible for the polish coat to stick on the nails. It is a good idea to carry out a dry manicure on your fingernails before applying the gel. If you want to clean the nails and remove the dirt from the edges and sides, then you will have to do it a day before gel application. It is best to avoid any gel application products that have moisture or oil content in it. You do not have to worry if your fingernails look dry during the preparation process. This is the best way to make the gel polish last on your nails for long.

Taking care of cuticles

The dead skin that is attached to the base of the nail is known as the cuticle. It has to be removed from the nail before you apply the polish so that the polish sticks to the nail better. There are tools offered in the market to push the cuticles of the nail plate or even to soften it.

Buffing the nails

The nail plate needs a fine buffing using a grit buffer. By using this, you will loosen any dead skin attached to the nail plate and also take off its shine.

Cleaning the nails

You should clean the nails to remove the debris from the nails. Using alcohol-based cleanser is a very good option. After the cleaning of the nails, you can apply a primer or a bonder on the nails. Using it on the tips and areas where lifting occurs commonly is only advised. Apply the gel polish after the cleanser and the primer has dried out completely.


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