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Women love to apply polish to the nails and carry out the necessary manicure to keep it looking attractive. It is hard to imagine a woman not wearing polish on her long nails. The most common complaint among many women is the lifting of the nail polish that they apply on their fingernails. Well, this is very common, especially for the working moms. They need to do household chores as well as take care of their office work. If you do not have time to take care of your nails and do not want the gel polish to lift from your nails, then you can try out the following tips and tricks.

Buffing the new growth

You cannot stop the nails from growing. If you do not want to see the gel polish, lift from your nails, and then you will have to buff the new growth every time you spot them on your fingernails. This way you will prevent the nail polish from lifting. If you find the problem still persists, then you will have to buff the whole nail. It is better to use a very good buffer on the nails. Take care to buff your nails only in one direction and do not over buff the nails or do it with great force. You should take into consideration that you are trying to rough up the nails and not smoothen it. Buffing in multiple directions might result in over buffing.

Dry nails before polishing

If you are looking to apply a fresh coat of nail polish or gel polish, then you should keep your hands dry for a few hours before the paint job. If there is a little bit of water on your hands, then it is not an issue. Never try to paint your nails right after a hot shower. You should never wash your hands before you are thinking of applying the polish. It will not stick on the nail and also will not last long after application.

Cleanse the nails after buffing

It is a very good idea to apply alcohol or a nail polish remover to remove the leftover polish marks on the nail. You should clean the nails with alcohol after you have buffed them. If there are nail debris settled on your nail, then the gel polish you apply might lift.

Use good quality base coats

You need to use the best quality base coats that will last a long time. It is not a good idea to use base coats that can be removed easily as they might have issues with lifting. If you have gel polish lifting issues, then try changing your base coats to a better one.

Proper painting on the nails

It is very important for you to cleanse and buff the nails before applying a coat of gel polish. This will help in reducing the polish lifting. You should not apply the polish on the edges of the nails and the cuticles. It is better to apply thin coats when using the gel polish.


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