• What is Gel Lacquer?

    What is Gel Lacquer?
    Gel lacquer colors are nail colors that work a little differently from your traditional nail polish. That’s because they use a UV light in order to dry, resulting in a brighter, and more resilient coating.
  • Gel Nail Problems and Solutions

    Gel Nail Problems and Solutions
    There are some things which can go wrong along the way though.  If you are experiencing peeling or chipping, chances are good you have already encountered some of these challenges.
  • 6 Gel Nail Polish Mistakes to Avoid

    6 Gel Nail Polish Mistakes to Avoid
    Gel nail polish is pretty easy to use, but if you are a beginner, there are some mistakes that you need to watch out for.  Following are some common mishaps to make sure you are steering clear of.
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