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Kiara Sky is a company that makes a range of nail products, include gels and acrylics. They’re well-liked by many users thanks to their great range of colors and their durability.

Now the company is offering dipping powders for salons and commercial users alike. How do they measure up? Let’s take a look.

What is Dipping Powder?

Dipping powders provide a different way for women to color their nails that has many of the benefits of gels but none of the downsides. These are powders that use fine grains to create very vivid colors, which you can then simply dip your fingers into in order to get a smooth coating.

First, users apply a base coat and this will then help the dipping powders to stick. They can then dip their fingers as many times as they like, gradually transforming the rough surface into a smooth and glossy coat. The great thing is that you can dip as much as you want in order to create a very thick and durable cover, but unlike gels, there is no need to dry under a UV – it’s dry instantly!

Using the Powder

So that dipping powder, what about this product in particular? Well, we decided to give it a go.

To use this powder, you’ll first apply a little Kiara Sky bond and then dip into the base and then your desired color.

The Kiara Sky Powders come in a range of different colors, most of which are pastels and light. The packet we tried included blues, grassy greens and beige. After the first dip, you might be alarmed to find that your fingers are powdery (around the nail!) and the nails look rough and grainy! Don’t worry, it takes a few more dips for things to start making sense. As you keep on dipping, you’ll notice it starting to look more and more like regular acrylic paint!

Wait for it to dry once you’re happy with the coating then file down the nails.

Next you need to wash and dry your hands. You should find there isn’t too much bulk to remove and that it’s easy to clean without ruining your new nails. Finally, apply a coat of Seal Protect and wipe the nail clean.

Our Thoughts

There’s always something fun about trying different techniques and that may have colored our judgement here. It’s a fun process, but of course that novelty may wear off!

But what doesn’t wear off is the paint itself. We were really happy with the overall look and finish of the nails which looked smooth, even and matte. What’s more, is that they lasted for a long time afterwards and weren’t at all prone to chipping. After two weeks they were still looking great – although they had started to grow out!

Kiara Sky is a reliable brand and they make dipping powders in a wide range of colors to suit pretty much everyone. With that said then, they get a hearty recommendation!


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