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Brrrr, it’s cold outside!  We’re right in the middle of winter—but there is a lot to love about the frostiest season of the year!  So heat up a mug of cocoa or tea, pull up a chair, and watch the snow falling outside your window while planning your next gel nail polish manicure.  Here are some trendy ideas for winter nails!


1. Sparkling Icy Blue


Here is a simple but stunning look for winter.  The light, sparkly blues are evocative of ice and snow.


2. Coordinate With Jewelry


Sometimes it isn’t what you do with your nails but how you accessorize which can complete an exquisite look.  The muted blue used here is ideal for the season, but it’s the way the color is coordinated with the jewelry that really makes these nails elegant.


3. Soft Pastels


While we tend to associate blue most readily with winter, any pastel hues can capture the season.  Light pinks, greyish tones, and whites also are wintry shades.  The marbled look here is simple but breathtaking.


4. Winter Night Skies

To me these beautiful gel nails look like snow falling gently through winter skies at night.


5. Sparkly Pastel Flesh Tones


This is the same idea as the pale blue nails that I shared with you earlier, but this time the nails have been done in a neutral flesh color.  This still creates a very wintry look.


6. Pink and White with Lots of Glitter


These nails are simply gorgeous!  Pale pink fades to white at the tips, with ample glitter throughout.  These nails remind me of sparkling snow.


7. Matte Blue


These nails have been painted with a simple dark matte blue.  The color looks like a deep, velvety winter night sky.  It just goes to show that you don’t always have to do something elaborate to create a captivating look. 


8. Blue and Silver


Here is another simple but lovely look.  Most of the nails have been done in a glossy dark blue, with just one nail in sparkly silver.


9. Snowflakes in Pink and Silver

These nails, like the ones above, use one color for the majority of the nails (pale pink in this case) and sparkly silver for just one of them.  An added touch is a carefully painted snowflake on one of the nails.  What beautiful work!


10. Sparkly Silver Snowflakes


Here is another idea for snowflakes on nails.  I am loving the subtlety of this look.  At a glance, you just see sparkly silver nails.  But if you look closely, there are snowflakes and stars, just barely visible.


11. Snowflakes on Flesh Tones


Here the nails have been painted with a neutral color.  Delicate snowflakes have been rendered on top, making for a look which is even more subtle than the one I shared above. 

I hope you enjoyed these gorgeous gel nail polish ideas for winter, and feel inspired now to try a few or come up with a creative look of your own!


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