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Toenail fungus, though it may sound painful and hideous, is more common than what people realize. It leads many people to question just how they end up with getting this. Some people suffer from this for their entire lives, while others may only have it once. Which leads people to ask just what is it that causes people to get toenail fungus.

1. Athletes Foot

When a person has a skin infection on their foot it is referred to as athletes foot. This is the same type of infection that causes toenail fungus. For those that have athletes foot the simple act of not doing anything and letting the infection spread can lead to toenail fungus. With that being said, there are several cause of athletes foot, such as the shoes that the person utilizes, not showing after sweating, walking on floors barefoot which leads to bacteria getting on the skin and the like.

2. Injury to Toenails

Many people that have their toenails done at the nail saloon are going to know just how a toenail fungus problem starts. If at any point someone has their toenail injured, such as having it cracked or ripped to the point in which blood appears, there is a higher chance of fungus infecting the area because of the bacteria that is able to get under the nail. And when the bacteria gets under the nail, it thrives. Under the nail is a moist environment that does not see much oxygen and it is a breeding ground for fungus.

When combining these two ways in which a person can get toenail fungus, the person will find that they are at an increased rate of having this problem. The good news is that it can be treated. However, most people find that they have to utilize several treatment options before they find the one that is going to work for them the most. Treatment options can include having the nail removed, which is good to use when there is just a nail injury. However, other people have to take antibiotics in order to cure this, most commonly those that suffer from this due to athletes foot.

There are some people that are just more prone to get toenail fungus since they have a genetic disposition for this. For example, those that have other infections constantly, may find that toenail fungus is a part of the infection that they are treating. It is treatable though and should be taken care of in order to have toenails that are looking and feeling good.


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