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Toenail Fungus is not something that is easy to get rid of. Those that have experienced this in the past are going to find that the main reason that it is so hard to get rid of the fungus is because the toenail acts as a barrier to the air that could let in oxygen to help clear out the infection. However, there are treatment options out there that can help a person to beat the fungus once and for all.

1. Antifungal Medication

Through utilizing an internal medication, the infection fighting is going to go directly into the blood stream, which will allow the fungus to be stopped from the inside out. This is the most common approach as this is a way to bypass the toenail that is acting as a shield to the fungus and any agent that could destroy it. With that being said, the person will find that they have to take this for quite a while. The most commonly prescribed medication is going to be taken for around 90 days to completely get rid of the fungus that is under the nails.

2. Topical Medication

The use of topical mediation in the treatment of toenail fungus is not something that is going to be highly effective. Even those treatments that have been approved by the FDA is not always going to beat the fungus. However, for those that want to try something at home before seeing a specialist, this can be an option. But, the person will have to use this for around a year in order to really get rid of the fungus problem.

3. Removal of the Toenail

This is the more painful route to go and is only recommended if the person has only a few toenails that have the fungus. The skin is treated underneath the nail in order to get rid of the fungus, however, a person needs to realize that this is not necessarily going to get rid of the fungus, as it could come back once the toenail grows back.

4. Laser

Utilizing a laser can basically destroy the fungus without hurting the nail. Because of this, it is becoming more and more popular. The downside is that it is expensive and with the cheaper alternatives that are on the market, usually health insurance is not going to cover this. Overall, when you suffer with toenail fungus, it is not something that is going to go away on its own. You have to put forth the effort to find a treatment option that works, and many people try several options before they find what works for them.


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