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Beautiful hands have been part of the grooming ritual of women for a long time. Women wish to accessorize their hands and nail extensions can be a great way of doing so. If growing long nails and maintaining them is a problem, an easy way to protect as well as glamorize your nails is to get nail extensions.

Nail extensions are usually made of gel, acrylic as well as fiberglass. Here we talk of these popular nail extensions in detail.

  • Acrylic extensions

When you look at acrylic nails, these are created with a mix of powder and liquid polymer. These two composites combine to form a protective layer that is hard and sculpts over your natural nail. The nails become hard as soon as they become exposed to air. An artificial tip is often added before the acrylic mix is out. The nail extensions are then shaped and buffed to give a shiny finish.

  • Gel nail extensions

Gel extensions are another kind. These could be applied for an artificial nail extension or applied on top of natural nails as well. The natural nail bed application can help to strengthen your nails and promotes nail growth as well. There is no mixing involved as in acrylic nail paint. The nails simply need to be cured under a UV lamp. There are many gel nail extension kits that are available for home use as well.

  • Silk or fiberglass nail extensions

This is a process whereby pieces of silk or fiberglass are used on the nail bed or tip. These are sealed on with glue or resin. The silk or fiberglass gives a different texture to your nails. However, if you are unaware of how to get them done by yourself, it is best to visit a professional nail salon.

Home kits or salon service

Any of these nail extension methods will help you get long, noticeable nails. However, even if you opt to get your hands on home kits, you might not be able to make the applications clean and tidy by yourself. Nail extension kits usually are expensive. Hence, if you are trying some professional kit, ensure that you get an experienced professional to apply it for you. There is also the matter of preparing the nails to ensure that the nail extensions attach smoothly. If you wish to create a professional finish by yourself, there are many handy tutorials that you could check out. These will show you how to carry out the steps of attaching nail extensions one by one. There are different sites that offer different kinds of nail products. You could invest in the entire range of colors, extensions, gels, dip powders and more to ensure that you have everything you need to create the best look for your nails yourself.

Those who wish to get the nail extensions done by professionals can simply look up nail salons in their area. Many beauty salons in neighborhoods offer nail extension and nail art services as well, which makes it a complete manicure package.


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