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Are you preparing to hole up in your room during the long winter months? If you know that heavy snow will keep you all indoors and make the long winter days boring, it could be a great time to try different nail art designs. There are different kinds of nail polishes and art products that are available and all you need is to collect some different nail art products so that you can reach out for them as and when you desire. With several family moments and holiday celebrations coming up, your nails are sure to get a lot of attention.

  • Evergreen tree effects

How about creating the dark green and 3D effect that is all around us at this time of the year? The Christmas trees with the glitters and shine can be the perfect inspiration for a nail art design. You need to start with a buttery shade as a base coat. There is a lacquer coating that is required of dark green. You could then put on a coating of blasted gold. Once the polish sets in you can then apply a coat of glitter that comes with a clear base. You can finish with a top coat to protect the layers and you would have lovely, dark green nails with a 3d effect.

  • Holiday fun effects

When it comes to winter holidays and Christmas, it is all about hot chocolate and marshmallows. If you wish to get nails that reflect your favorite dessert, opt for a top base cost that offers you a rich chocolate brown shade. There are copperhead shades that can help you get the gold glitter effect on your nails. Use white color for the dots on your nail that help create the marshmallow effect. Once the effects have been achieved, seal it in with a top layer.

  • Fireworks

You could begin with a base coat that comprises of bold black polish. Choose two kinds of multi colored glitter polishes to add on a chaos of glitter on the black base. You could also opt for gold glitter that makes it perfect nail effect for New Year’s Eve. It would certainly pack in a punch in your nail art and help you jazz up any outfit you are wearing. With the above points you are sure to love to experiment with your nails and create different effects and looks. Indeed, glitter will help add a contrasting effect to your nails and glam up any boring sweater or winter combination you are forced to wear. When the winter holidays bring on many occasions of celebrations, why not try different kinds of nail art effects? Ensure that you stock up on the right products from before. Even if you are snowed in, you might still get your favorite nail products shopped and delivered right to your doorstep. There are many e-retail stores that specialize in nail products which would give you a lot of choice and several discounts to avail of as well.


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