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For those who love to apply nail polishes, they cannot resist adding on new colors and products to their collections. Often, the number of polishes becomes so immense that one has a difficult time to stowing them. And often you might be looking for a certain shade or looking to be inspired when there is so much chaos that you are left confused. Hence, in order to prevent an avalanche descending upon you every time you reach for that disorderly pack of nail polishes, why not organize them in creative ways? Often a drawer in your vanity closet might not seem to be enough, especially when it comes to giving a visual appeal to the products. Here are some innovative ideas to display your nail colors in glorious ways.

Salon rack on the wall

Have you seen the racks of clear acrylic that are used in professional nail salons? You can easily buy them on retail online like Amazon. These wall mounted racks are a great solution for home as well since you need not make extra space for them. You could set up the racks by your mirror or corner closet space where you could arrange and keep the nail colors on easy display.

Dessert trays

This is another innovative solution, especially if you have too many dessert tray collections at home that are begging to be used. They are cute as well as distinctive ways to display nail polishes. You could even get them on kitchen stores or e-retail forums. If you wish you could also customize the look of the trays by glitter or spray paint which would give them a different look and make them appear that they are designed to hold your paints.

Vintage train case

If you have a vintage train case or even a toy train with several carriages that your baby brother has discarded, why not use it to display your nail colors? You could create a wall rack with it and place your nail colors in these. There could similar items that you could convert for a wall rack for your nail colors; all you need is to be innovative as well as find some space to showcase them. Other options consist of using drawers in your wardrobe or closet cabinet if you can dedicate a separate section for the same. This will help you keep the nail colors in a covered space and prevent dust accumulating on them. If you keep them in the open or on display ensure that the room where you store them is a closed space. You will surely love to have your colors neatly organized and well displayed to all so that you can choose them as and when you need to change your nail colors. If you have any other associated product like removers, dip powders, extension kits and others, you could also store them in the same place. This will help you have your own nail spa corner as and when you need it.


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