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An impeccable manicure is rarely easy to obtain. Ladies with perfect hands go through a lot of care and maintenance, not to mention about the exquisite attention to all kinds of details. Just like the eyes represent the mirror of your soul, your nails represent the mirror of yourself care. Hands are among the first things people notice during a meeting. As a direct consequence, ladies have access to all kinds of solutions, treatments and techniques to enhance their nails. This is when we step in to provide the most affordable gel manicure service on the market.

We know that no one is born with perfect nails. That healthy and fancy design that you crave for can be obtained with nothing but attention and regular care. If you engage into manicure solutions every once in a while, your nails will inevitably become more resistant and brighter. Sooner or later, exfoliation will become history, not to mention about fungal infections or accidents. This is the main principle behind the gel nails. It is, however, very important to do your homework and research your options when not sure what to choose. After all, the more you know about this industry, the easier it becomes to make a wise selection. We are, indeed, able to make some recommendations, yet the final decision belongs to you only. So what should you know about gel nails?

A top notch resistance is usually the key behind gel nails

The gel that we use is a form of artificial resin. It is applied just like paint. It goes on the nail, then it is evenly spread around in a perfect manner, with no wrinkles or humps. Both this gel and classic fake nails are made of similar ingredients, only fake nails are delivered in a solid shape. The gel is customized and applied according to your nail shape and size. However, we would like to underline the fact that just like those nails, the gel cannot be removed with classic solvents, like acetone or alcohol. It is quite resistant and gives you access to all kinds of activities without worrying about damaging your nails.

Durability ensures cost efficiency

Every lady knows that the poor durability is the worst “side effect” of regular nail paint. We know that too. Basically, no matter how hard they try, they simply cannot keep the respective paint in a perfect shape for more than a few days. It chips and scratches within hours only. Obviously, you do not even dare to think about specific models or extraordinary designs. Gel manicure ensures a perfect result for weeks. We can just as well offer various designs and styles, pattern or colors. Flowers, butterflies, petals or abstract shapes are just a few ideas. With these conclusions in mind, it is easy to understand why the gel manicure service has become so popular lately. These are only the so called technical reasons to rely on modern solution. From an aesthetic point of view, the reasons to opt for gel manicure are even more diversified. Just ensure that you find out as much as possible about these ideas, not to mention about maintenance and further care.


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