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What could be more fun than Spring nails? We have had a look at the NYC and Paris runways, and know that you’re going to be excited about some of the manicure styles we’ve seen recently.

The best thing about lots of the manis out there, is that they have become easier than ever to DIY at home. Yes, you can visit your favorite nail salon if you wish. But if you read this 30 minutes before going out on a date and fall in love with one of the manis, feel confident you can create them at home!

#Hashtag/Statement Nails - These look quite expensive, but are actually very simple to do. Choose your favorite manicure, this works best with either a neutral polish, soft pastel or a vivid bright color. Then select letter & number press-on stickers that share your statement with the world! These have been seen at the NYC Spring 2018 fashion shows and parties this season.

Keeping it Truly Simple - One style that is quite popular for Spring 2018 is a minimalist nail. You can do this either with a clear polish or even a very light, neutral polish. What matters the most is that your nails have been trimmed, buffed and all look 100% alike! If you love outdoor activities in the spring, such as gardening or running, this is one to put high on your beauty list.

Cat Eye Manicure - Not only is this a very innovative look, but you'll be thrilled that it is actually quite simple to do. We love this with 2 darker colors, with 1 of them having a touch of metallic. Put on the 1st color, all over your nail. Then add a thin triangle with the darker color. The thinnest point of the triangle should be facing your fingertips. This is an eye-catching (yes, this is a pun!) look for spring parties and when you go dancing.

A Colorful Look to the Classic French Manicure - No longer does your French manicure have to "always" be a soft pink at most of your nail and then a thick white polish on the tips of your nail. Vivid, bright colors are very "in" this season. Pick one of your favorites - hot pick, lemon yellow, fire engine red, lime green - and add this to the tips of your nails instead of the white polish. We love this, especially with electric blue, give it a try!

A 2nd Look at the French Manicure - If you love the style of a French manicure, take a look at the Checkerboard manicure. This is a simple DIY mani that you can create with 3 nail polish colors. You need a soft pink or neutral for your nails, a white polish and black polish for the tips of your nails. Do 1/2 of the tip in white polish and the other 1/2 in black polish. Our favorite tip: give this a try, adding in one of this season's vivid brights to either the black or the white color for a checkerboard pattern that will easily get noticed even more!

Beachy Fun Manicure - One great look we've seen at the fashion shows that you'll want to try, is manis that end at the tips of your nails with cute, bright blue ocean waves. This is perfect for you if you're already looking past spring to summer.

We wish you beautiful nails and a lovely Spring 2018 season!


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