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Dipping powder is a powder that you can use in order to paint your nails in a manner that looks almost perfect and that will last for a long time. Kiara Sky Dip Powder is one of the most popular brands and is among the dipping powders that you’ve probably seen popping up all over the place on Instagram.

It almost looks like magic: you simply dip your hand into the powder and when you pull it out, it will be coated in an even and rock hard paint that looks vibrant and picture-perfect. Kiara Sky in particular comes with a wide range of different colors, lasts for ages and is very eye-catching. It’s one of the most popular brands for a good reason!

But is it really that easy?

In this post, we’ll look at Kiara Sky Dip Powder instructions, to help you get started.

How to Use Kiara Sky Dip Powder

While it looks very simple - just dip your fingers in and go – there are actually a few more steps you need to consider.

Firstly, you need to first apply a base coat. This is what will coat your nails and then act as an adhesive, ensuring that the powder gets stuck to the nails. This is why when you pull your hands out, the coat only applies itself to the nail! That of course means that you need to be careful with how you paint the coat on in the first place, because otherwise you’re going to have the color apply itself unevenly.

That does also mean though that you can create some interesting patterns and effects if you so wish!

The good news is that it’s considerably easier to apply the base coat than it is to paint regular nail varnish.

This also means that you can now dip your hand in as many times as you like. The first time you dip your fingers, they’re not going to look perfect at all – at first it will be rough and uneven. But dip again and again and you’ll pick up the spots that you’ve missed. The powdery layers will then gradually transform into that smooth, beautiful and glossy finish that you see in all the pictures!

Finishing Off

Once that’s done, you need to apply a sealant on top. This will help to protect the color and will also give it an added sheen on top. The good news is that unlike a gel manicure, there is no need to use a UV lamp which can be harmful to your skin.

Better yet: it dries instantly! That means you can literally paint, dip, paint and go! The technique is safe, natural and organic. What’s not to like?

So that’s all you need to know to get started. But before you can do any of that, you just need to find the color that you want to use and that will suit the look you’re going for. And in this case, the Kiara Sky is the limit!


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