Upower SUPER UP-200 Professional Electric Nail Drill


If you are a professional nail technician, or you simply want to have the most advanced nail filing system on the planet, there is nothing better than the UPower Super UP200 electric nail drill. The UP-200 features 26,000 RPMs and the most finite controls possible to make sure that you are able to get the perfect filing every time no matter what width, length or thickness of the nail – and no matter what kind of shape you are trying to create.

There are so many features that are in the box that you will have to spend a few minutes getting acquainted with the UP-200 just to know everything that it does. You turn the power button on and then determine how fast you want the drill to rotate. You can also reverse instantly by just flipping a switch.

The Super UP-200 also features a twist-lock chuck that makes swapping out bits easy and if you want you can add an optional foot pedal that will give you an incredible amount of control over the drill as you are working on someone’s nails. This stainless steel drill even features a holster that it can rest in when not in use.

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