Gelish 18G PLUS Pro Salon Gel Nail Polish Dryer Cure LED Lamp

Whether you are a working nail technician with customers that expect you to have the best equipment possible or you just prefer to do your nails at home you will love the 18G PLUS Pro Salon lamp from Gelish. Why spend money getting your nails done at the salon when you can do it all yourself, and if you are a professional, your customers will keep coming back for the experience when you use this nail polish dryer.
This thing is packed with features including a digital display that is strong, resistant to spills or chemicals and easy to read from far away. There is a countdown feature so you and your customers know exactly how much time is left when you use the manual stop-and-start function. Plus, the resting basket is padded and comfortable, as well as illuminated so that you can see how the nail drying is coming along. It also features a patented shield to protect the eyes from light exposure and a tray that is safe and easy to clean. It comes with a one-year warranty and is one of the best investments for your nails that you can make.
  • Save some cash and do your nails right in your own home
  • Large, digital tough screen display
  • Chemical and shatter resistant display
  • Countdown feature
  • On/Off feature for manual start and stop
  • Scratch and acetone resistant
  • Illuminated comfort pad
  • Patented eyeShield to reduce light exposure
  • Pedicure friendly
  • 5 finger cure
  • Power: 36 watts
  • Magnetic tray for effortless and thorough sanitizing
  • Meets standard safety compliance's world wide
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1-year warranty

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